powerpoint is not the enemy


How many times have you sat through a presentation and cringed at the amount of content on the screen? Does the word “PowerPoint” just send a chill down your spine? What if I told you that PowerPoint isn’t really that bad? 


Introducing “Powerpoint is not the enemy.” The users guide to story telling, designing, and presenting your presentation. In this booklet, I share all my findings in the last seven years of creating and designing presentations. From content creation to public speaking and everything in between, this is for anyone who's ever had to build a deck. Designers and non-designers are welcome! Grab a copy for you or your whole team for only $10



What’s Inside 

- How to create the story/narrative 
- How to design your deck (even if you’re not a graphic designer!) 
- Public Speaking 101
- List of free resources (books, fonts, photos, and more!) 
- and so much more!

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