Sleepy Scrappy Series

Often times, I get intimidated by a new notebook thinking that anything I draw on it HAS TO BE PERFECT (this is probably why I have 5 million empty notebooks). I thought to myself, MEH, let's just write...!

What I did for this series was first rip out the pages out of the notebook so that they'd have creases and tears - not so intimidating anymore right? After, I went it and wrote the quotes ONCE and only once no matter how tempted I was to re-write it.

The reason why it's called the "Sleep Scrappy Series" is pretty much stated in the title. I was in bed one night doodling and decided to write these quotes out. I figured since I was sleepy, my hand would be more relaxed and I could write most loosely. 

Et voilà! 

There you have it! Sleepy writing!