Whole Heart x Butcher Paper

I've been thinking about putting art on our wall but have been hesitant because I was unsure of what we'd want. So one night, I rolled out some butcher paper, reach deep down inside and the rest was history. 

Whole Heart - The story: 

Often times people who suffer from a mental health disorder either shame themselves or is shamed by others for having this "it's just in your head issue" and is typically asked to separate themselves from it because it'll make you look "weak" or "incapable". Pft.

This is a piece I created as a reminder to love all parts of who I am (who YOU are). Whether that is the one-half of me who is the happy-pappy girl, and the other half who, well...let's just say is extra spunky. The two can live in harmony even when sometimes it's a constant battle. It's what keeps my heart together and what keeps me whole. 

Check out the bite-size pieces of the art below and download them here for your phone/wallpaper/printouts.