Newest Obsession: Midori Traveler's Notebook

So if you've known me for the last 4 years, I used to carry around a kraft moleskine around everywhere I went and changed it out every quarter. 2 months ago I asked myself "okay, but when am I going to transition out of this? should I do something new for 2017?!" Dare I do it?!

Well, it was a beautiful Saturday afternoon when I was at a Meetup event when one of the ladies pulled out her "Midori" when my life changed (YES, I am being theatrical). I immediately shot my eye towards her journal and was asked "WHAT. IS. THAT. BEAUTIFUL. CREATION!?"

"Oh, it's my Midori Journal!"
"A WHAT..."


A quick version of what it is: 
It's a leather bound notebook where you can customize what inserts to put in. The inserts can be anything from lined, graph, blank, monthly cal, weekly cal, EVEN...KRAFT PAPER. Yes, people, I said...kraft paper. Think of those planners that look like mini binders and you can fill it with whatever your heart wants BUT this time, it's minimal and it's all blank. You're not committed to and of the pre-populated fields/design - it's just a blank canvas... it's perfect. 

Long story short, I fell in love.

I have to admit, it was a hard transition, but I was too in love with its function and form to let an opportunity pass by. The best part? Well......................the main notebook is made out of kraft paper, so the difference wasn't too bad. Actually, they're pretty damn identical. LOL.

Anyways, with this new found (beautiful) object in my life, it has RE-OPENED my love for... stickers. As a child, I was OBSESSED with stickers and scrapbooking, but as I got older it became expensive to endeavor in such a hobby so I tucked it away, besides, when would I find the time? Well, I found the time and I also have purchased an insane amount of stickers in the last...30 days or so. (Shout out to MIchaels and Amazon for carrying some really cute stickers!) 

It goes without saying but, I am obsessed. I am the crazy lady who sits down and plans and puts stickers everywhere. I am the sticker/journal lady. 

So without further ado, I introduce you to my personal Midori Notebook - which is pretty much a snapshot into my life :) 

Monthly Calendar: Shown below because I really just need to know what the heck is happening in my life and sometimes carrying it on my phone isn't the most helpful thing (as crazy as that sounds)
Lined Notebook: Notes both personal and work related. It's basically my new moleskine. 
Kraft Paper Notebook: BECAUSE KRAFT PAPER IS LIFE MAN and I use this notebook as my "scrapbook/album" 


Lined Paper Notebook: Work/Personal Notes - every little icon has a purpose

Lined Paper Notebook: Work/Personal Notes - every little icon has a purpose

Kraft Paper Notebook: Album/Scrapbook

Kraft Paper Notebook: Album/Scrapbook

As you can see, I am OBSESSED with my stickers when it comes to my calendar and my album. I love doing it so much. I find so much joy and comfort knowing that I've either planned out my next couple weeks and/or recorded my memories. No, it's not the same layout/finish true scrapbooking is like, BUT, I actually really love how "unfinished" it looks. 

Here's some close ups on the calendar - my FAVORITE part of the notebook :)

IN LOVE! :) and I am very happy with the new transition. I hope you enjoyed this little quick snapshot into my newest obsession! And for the recrod, I still love me a kraft moleskine. Don't think I've already moved on.

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Stickers: Amazon and Michaels (be on the look out for 40% coupons from Michaels!) 
Pens: Pentel Arts Hybrid Technica (0.28, 0.3, 0.5, 0.6) 
Brush: Pentel Sigma Brush Pen