Happy Brain

A series of hand lettered quotes from my favorite kraft paper notebook.

This series was inspired by my journey through depression and constant high level of anxiety. Some of these quotes were notes I used to read to myself to keep my spirits high. Other quotes were inspired by others who were also fighting their own monsters. 

My hope is that for anyone who is struggling through any sort of mental health problems know that they're 100% never alone and can get through it and that it is VERY okay to ask for help.


The title "Happy Brain" came from my experience when I was on anti-depressants. When I was on the medication, I felt like I was at my lowest point. I was under the impression that it would immediately make me feel better - I was incredibly wrong. 

When someone asked me how I felt I would answer...

"I feel like my brain isn't happy. It's not healthy and it's not smiling." 

When I finally kicked the medication goodbye (literally, went cold turkey) I started to feel so much better - I was back to normal. My brain was finally getting happy again.