Beginners Hand Lettering Workshop - 10/21


Beginners Hand Lettering Workshop - 10/21


Join me in this 2-hour workshop to learn the basic fundamentals of hand lettering to jump start your lettering journey! This class is meant for anyone who has never picked up a marker before to someone who just wants to learn a few new tricks!

Location and more details for the workshop are located in the confirmation email after we've received your payment

(Note: This isn't the same as your payment confirmation - so please be on the lookout for an email from hello[AT]


It's okay to change your mind! Shoot me an email the second you have a change of heart before October 18 and we will issue you a refund. Anything after that will be handled case-by-case. Important Note: Please be mindful about your attendance and let us know ASAP if you will need to miss the class. There might be participants on the waiting list that we can put in our class if you choose to opt out. Thank you!


What do I need to bring?
Nothing - Just bring yourself!

What is included in the $50?
You get to take home ALL your supplies from workbook, markers, cards and more!
(Valued at $60+) 

When you mean beginners, do you mean like... "I've-never-ever-done-this-sort-of-thing-and-trying-something-new-with-absolutely-0-experience-in-it?"
Exactly :) You do not need prior experience to take the class! 

Check out the video below to get a sneak peek into previous classes. 

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