Why did I become a designer?

Do you remember Myspace? What about Paint Shop Pro X? Shorts and UGGs?

Dear 25-Year-Old-krislam

An open letter from 20 year old Krislam. Unfiltered. Unedited.

Public speaking 101

Advice on public speaking from someone who has never spoken in front of an audience (that wasn't her boyfriend and her puppies)


My "SLIGHT" obsession with midori traveler's notebook

By slight, I mean major. Calendars. Kraft Paper. Journaling. Stickers. OH. MY.

That time when i spoke about depression and anxiety at a type event

So then why do I have Chicka Chicka Boom Boom on the screen? 

BTS: How i prepared for my 20x20 event

Or well, any presentation really. My journey and thought process from brain dumping to finished slides.